Living away from family, it gets overwhelming to cook for yourself. I used to order most of my meals, till I discovered Nutri 91. I have been extremely content with the tasty food and it has lead to me maintaining my weight, which was on a constant growth trajectory ever since I moved to Delhi.

Ayush Malhotra

I lost 9 kilos in a month eating my favorite food. This did not feel like a diet! I loved the Nutri 91 experience, and will highly recommend this to my friends and family.

Ashish Sachdeva

I am a foodie, and need to have constant variety in my meals. So being on a diet is one of the hardest things for me, because a diet restricts your eating preference. Surprisingly, Nutri 91 has been a breeze to follow. I have been constantly losing the extra Kilograms for my sisters wedding, while eating some of my favorite meals. I don't think there is a better way to be fit, while eating what you love. Thanks to the Nutri91 family!

Harshita Ahuja

Nutri 91 is as close to home cooked food as it gets. They send me fresh meals cooked especially as per my vegetarian preference. The deliveries happen twice a day, and the food is always fresh. I have tried subscribing to other meal subscription services, but none of them deliver better. The icing on the cake is, me losing weight and feeling amazing.

Aakriti Singh

Being a lawyer, I don't get much time to cook for myself. I thought it was impossible to follow Keto as it gets really hard to expect someone else to cook separately for you. This was till I discovered Nutri 91. They deliver the best variety and personalized Keto meals as per my requirement. My gym and diet are now on track, keeping up with my active lifestyle. I would definitely suggest people to try out Nutri 91, as they help you achieve your results in a proper way, instead of you trying to experiment with a new diet plan.

Keshav Sood

I love the fact that each meal delivered by Nutri 91 is completely customized as per my requirement. They follow up with me, to track my weight loss, which keeps me motivated. They even switched my meals as per my fasting requirements during the Navratris. It feels like family, because they are always just a call away.

Kanika Kapoor

Fitness is a lifestyle. It cannot be achieved by just working out, or just eating right. It needs to all happen together, and Nutri 91 has definitely been my support system in my lifestyle change. I don’t need to worry about my dietary requirements, because I know there is a whole team of professionals doing that for me. Fitness is a lovely journey, and having a partner like Nutri 91 makes life easier.

Aman Jain

After trying all possible diets to get in shape for my big day, my friend recommended Nutri 91. I loved how effortless the program was. They did not let my health goals suffer because of my hectic schedule.

Himantika Malik